Anonymous whispered, "So, you would do Kyder or Karley?"

do you mean Kitty\Ryder and Kitty\Marley? Yeah, why not : ) 

Anonymous whispered, "Do you take commissions?"

commissions are always welcomed : ) 

although i don’t draw kurt or multiship seblaine. anything else is cool

Anonymous whispered, "Hello, I would like to know your opinion about blainofsky. Just curious."

Hey there! oh, that’s pretty simple. I think that Glee writers have gone crazy and should burn in hell. Blainofsky is a bullshit just like everyting that happened to Blaine last seasons. That’s a totally shitty move and complete lack of respect for Blaine’s character.

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comission for lovely ineedtoleavethissite

comission for lovely ineedtoleavethissite


+ L I N K S