Anonymous whispered, "You're the blog that made me officially ship Seblaine. Your art is phenomenal and, personally, to me it is the best art I've ever seen."

awww thank you so much <3 seblaine is love but i am not that good xD thank you! <333

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Anonymous whispered, "oh my gooooooood you're watching in the flesh ? it's my favorite tv show :)"

yes, i am watching it (second time XD) it’s amazing

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2 years. still going strong &lt;3


2 years. still going strong <3

summertime seblaine. 

summertime seblaine. 

Anonymous whispered, "Can I please ask what tablet you use to draw? thanks"

Bamboo pen&touch. cheep shit

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CW_TheFlash: #cwsocial grant clearly doesn’t get vine ..smh

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Anonymous whispered, "Почему "Лохматый"? :з"

я был в фандоме СПН и волею судьбы был “лохматый с глазами рыси” - Падалеки на меня не было. так и прицепилось х) сколько ников не менялось, лохматый остался. как то так :3

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+ L I N K S